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Ecuality fiasco ruins Spain's dotcom party
Net retailer aimed high but now teeters on edge of bankrupcy
The Industry Standard Europe, January 10, 2001

Paying the piper
By developing their own file-sharing services, record labels could drive peer-to-peer exchanges underground. That's if legal action doesn't get the Napster clones first
The Industry Standard Europe, March 14, 2001

Finita la commedia

Culture clashes between southern Europeans and those with a northern mindset means the game is up for many mergers
The Industry Standard Europe, April 17, 2001
Written with Bernhard Warner




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M-commerce: high-tech dark horse?
M-commerce promises much, but only if companies are able to find out which services work and how to deliver real advantages for consumers.
Creating Wealth - in a Brave New World', Spring/Summer 2001 issue
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